Trademarks – Industrial Design


  • Prevoius analysis including searches and feasibility reports.
  • National and international registration of trademarks, designs, patents, domain names and intellectual property rights.
  • Surveillance and Maintenance of Rights

Internet domains:

  • Recovery actions, abusive domain
  • Defense of legitimate domain names

Industrial Designs:

The appearance and ornamentation of an independent product with its technical or functional features may be registered to enjoy protection in industrial/intellectual property. The novelty and uniqueness are requirements for its registration.

  • Applications for national and international designs, including writing and translation requests, memories and plans.
  • Reports on the state of the art regarding industrial designs.
  • Copies of designs for foreign nationals.

Fashion Law:

  • We advise on the registration of designs, trademarks and trade names.
  • Hiring designers and collaborators. Agreements with firms.
  • Transfer of image rights for books, advertising and catalogs.
  • Data protection models, contacts and employees.
  • Protection of Copyright of photos, videos and designs