New Technologies and Internet Law

Internet and new technologies have transformed our professional and personal life and Intellectual Property Rights had to adapt to this new digital era. This breakthrough means that anyone who use of new technologies have to know the new legal landscape that affects the data protection,  reputation online, e-commerce and intellectual property rights in the digital realm.

Internet Law and New Technologies:

  • Advice on Internet platforms: digitization of the work, streaming.
  • Social Networks: We advise and defend your online reputation with respect to violations of the right of honor and privacy or the exercise of the right to oblivion.
  • Legal advice on the protection of confidential information, Know-How, web pages, designs and mediation in conflicts related to domains and trademarks.
  • Cookies policy
  • Spam claims.
  • Mobile Applications: Copyright. Registry. Licenses. Data Protection.

Internet domains:

  • Abusive domain
  • Defense of legitimate domain names, registered and used in good faith