Unfair competition and Advertising

Misleading, aggressive and unfair practices as denigration, imitation, violation of secrets, illegal advertising etc. are frequent cases in which entrepreneurs or consumers are affected.

Unfair competition:

  • Declaratory action of disloyalty if the disturbance created subsists
  • Injunctions of unfair conduct or prohibition of future repetition, even if it has not yet been put into practice
  • Removal action. Action rectification of the misleading, incorrect or false information by posting conviction or a correction at the expense of the wrongdoing or other appropriate means
  • Action for compensation for damages caused by unfair behavior, whether it has intervened fraud or negligence of the agent
  • Action unfair compensation


  • Production contracts audiovisual work
  • Agency contracts and representation
  • Audiovisual formats
  • Advertising in audiovisual works: illegal advertising, recruitment advertising, sponsorship
  • Merchandising and product placement