Civil, Real Estate and Family law

Civil and Real Estate Law:

We advise on civil and real estate law with extensive experience in extrajudicial negotiation and procedural practices of the following materials:

  • Leasing/ Urban and rural rentals.
  • Actions for collection of unpaid rent If required, appearance in proceedings to claim such unpaid rent from the debtor
  • Claims against tenants for property damage
  • Termination of contracts and evictions
  • Consulting involving all forms of contracts
  • Medical negligence

Advising German / Spanish with interests in Germany / Spain :

In addition , if you are German you can count on the support of our native lawyers who have an extensive knowledge of German and Spanish legislation and advice you in the following areas:

  • Purchase of real estate and real estate companies.
  • Planning management and negotiation
  • Creating and advising owners’ associations in horizontal property systems
  • Advice in the signing of bank documents
  • Extracontractual Liability
  • Termination of contracts and evictions

Family  Law:

  • National and international divorce
  • Child abduction
  • Execution of judgments
  • Incapacitations and Guardianships
  • Inheritances