We help you to protect and defend your copyrights and any legal issues related to your work from the negotiation and preparation of legal contracts up to the defense and legal assistance throughout a law suit.

Copyright and Related Issues:

  • Advice on Copyright: advice writers, composers, photographers, painters, designers, programmers, etc. Assignment contracts, merchandising, legal-procedural representation in the Courts
  • Advice to artists and actors on recruitment and procedural legal representation
  • Advice to audiovisual and music producers: negotiation and contracting (record contracts, audiovisual production ..) and procedural legal representation
  • Adice to editorials companies.
  • Advise to register the work´s artist  for the protection of authorship / non-disclosure agreements/ Know-How and notarial deposits/ Creative Commons
  • Complaints to the SGAE and others entities.

Musical Law:

  • Advice on copyright for musicians in audiovisual productions.
  • Advice to phonographic producers.
  • Preparation, review and negotiation of phonograph and managment agreements.

Software and Database:

  • Advice on all matters related to software such as registration software in the Registry of Intellectual Property in Spain.
  • License agreements
  • Contracts development
  •  Escrow contracts